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Ever have one of those days where everything you try to communicate is misunderstood? Or accidentally use the wrong word and have the person you are talking to grab onto it like a lifeline and not let it go, no matter how long or hard you try to explain?

Jeesh, I am exhausted from trying.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t do well under pressure.  When someone starts getting loud or the emotions get tense, well, then I get tense and my “flight or fight” senses go “Fly!  Fly, damn you!!”  But I don’t.  I stay and try to explain myself which lately ends up in me having to explain even more. Up to and including items from years and years ago.

Then, eventually I grow a backbone and try to be calm and reasonable and that quickly melts down into me behaving horribly (yelling, loosing my cool, screaming even, along with the cussing) and then I hear myself and feel like crap for letting words bother me like that.

So, with the wind out of my sails, I state my feelings.  My self truths.  The way I see it and invite the other person to take it how they want.  I have no control over it.  I’m done.

Now I feel a bit like – I don’t care.  And I’m not sure if I like this level of uncaring.  But I sure as hell won’t be bringing it up in conversation.

Oh no.  I may have a hard time communicating but I am a quick learner.

Wednesday starts the Month of Letters Challenge (website here:  I like communicating in letters.  I have to slow down and think about what I’m writing – not that occasionally my brain goes faster than my hand and I have to make some corrections, but it’s the time of writing and reading over what I wrote that perhaps gives me a chance to make sure I am being clear.

Maybe I should start writing notes instead of talking.  But I’d still have to listen.

Eh. So much for brillant ideas


Year of the Dragon

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Chinatown Dragon

View of one of the many decorations in Chinatown

Work sent me to Singapore for a week – it was an amazing trip.  Even though there was work involved, the people we met with were a pleasure to work with and the project manager and I were able to go out wandering after work.  Two of the nights, I found myself in Chinatown (well, the Singapore version of it). 


There were many dragons to be found

They were gearing up for the Chinese New Year and I wanted to share some photographs. 

Chinatown in Singapore
One of the shops in Chinatown in Singapore

Now if I could just get my sleep cycle back to normal….

Where have I been ….

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That title may be misleading because I’m not even sure what happened during the last X amount of months. 

I had taken up exercising – running to be precise.  Even competed in a 5k fun run and an obstacle course/mud run.  It was after the mud run that I ended up at a surgeons office getting an abscess taken care of.  And they noticed a strange mole on my arm which lead to seeing a dermatologist that sent that in for testing.

That came back positive for melanoma.  Scratch that – at first it came back as another doctor calling to say it was pre-cancerous and I just had to come in for another wider shaving – only to find out after the original doctor was back in the office that it was not precancerous, but cancerous and that I needed to see the surgeon again but I had a trip down to the main office of my company to take care of first.

That was in the beginning of December and I went for a lunch run in 80 degree, sunny, glorious weather only to have someone open the locker over my head while I was putting my shoes on and I stood up – quicky – and sat down quickly holding my head and trying not to swear when my manager (who happened to be in the locker room as well – thank god!) quietly said “Oh no. You’re bleeding”

So I opened my eyes and sure enough – I was bleeding.  A lot.  It was running down my arms and when I tried to keep it from running all over my shirt and pants I succeeded in getting it to run all over my face.  I felt like I was in a Stephen King movie or something.

One lady came in – looked at me and asked “Are you all right?”  Part of me wanted to say “What do you think?” in a snide voice – the other part of me wanted to say “Oh I’m fine!’ in a pleasant voice.  I ended up saying “I’m not sure.  Can I get back to you on that later?”   Obviously I’m passive aggressive when it comes to head injuries.

So bad luck comes in threes:  Abscess, Head Injury, Surgery. 

Then after the holiday i was in Singapore for a week for work.  I’m exhausted.  It’s in the middle of the night here in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and I’m wide awake, thinking it’s lunchtime.

Sorry for the less than stellar puncuation, spelling and grammar.  I’m off to take some melatonin and see if I can get my sleep cycle back in synch.


And all I can say is wow.  My skin is so freaking soft it’s not funny.   And to top it off – I had a bit of a mark from something on my face I recently (a couple of months ago) was picking at (yeah – I am going to be 46 years old and I still get zits… go figure) and it had left a bit of a mark – irritation – something of the sort and it’s considerably smaller and not as angry-looking (cause, lets face it – picking at it was not making it feel better by any means).

Another plus side?  My pores are looking smaller.  So I am going to be doing this honey mask/wash for a long time.  It’s so easy!!  This morning I even slapped some on my neck because I wanted my skin to feel as yummy as my face (and speaking of yummy – how many things to you put on your face that don’t taste like gack if you accidentally get it in your mouth whilst rinsing?)

Tomorrow I am going to Festa Italiana with my youngest – hopefully this better weather will hold out and it won’t be too bad – it’s either that or I’m going to have to break out the razor and shave my legs!!

Give the honey a try though – give it a couple of days and I’m sure you’ll be impressed!  Oh and I should add that I have super sensitive skin 🙂


Time flies – it really does.  Since I can’t check much on the internet from work things like my blog have been nearly forgotten by the wayside.   I thought I’d written SOMETHING, ANYTIHNG, since May. But apparently not.

My friend Aimee posted a cryptic message on her blog that sent me over to the Crunchy Betty site about the honey challenge. 

Basically – you wash your face (without makeup) for two weeks.  She has a cute video on her blog that I suggest you watch.  Not that anyone needs to know how to wash her face it’s just done in such “Leave it to Beaver” fashion that it made me grin.

On a side note, I’ve been washing my face twice a day with honey.  I leave it on for a bit (which is easy because some of my honey is kinda thick) to soak it the goodness.  My skin looks different and feels a bit different.    The texture of my skin is smoother and feels a bit firmer.  One of the things I regularly had an issue with is my skin feeling dry after washing it.  So much so that I usually ended up just rinsing with water because when my skin is dry – my body compensates by making my face oily.


Work has been keeping me very busy.  And while I don’t mind being busy, I don’t like feeling overwhelmed and that’s pretty much where I’m at now.  I don’t mind occasional moments of stress but when it becomes the norm, I tend to focus on what I didn’t accomplish rather than the things I did get done (which is easy to do when your list seems to get longer and longer).

Enough whining for me.  I am going to go slather some honey on my face and appreciate the central air conditioning in this hot and humid night!

Namaste \o/

First off:  Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms out there!

For a number of years I’ve been lamenting my shape (mostly round) and my health (mostly .. soso).  About a year ago I started eating better (and by better I mean less preservatives) and from there I gradually made the switch to a raw diet.   I am not 100% raw – some days I am 100%, some days I’m 80% – an average non-holiday week I’d say I’m about 95%.

Eating raw is actually kind of easy – for me at least because most of the recipes are easy peasy and oooohhhh so tasty.  But then there are recipes that are tasty and take bit of time.

Lately, my favorite food has been nori rolls – made with a lovely ginger-cashew pate (recipe found at Choosing Raw )  This pate is sooooo DELISH.  I have it about once a week with some sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots, thinly shaved onions and either homegrown alfalfa sprouts or locally grown watercress.

Nom Nom Nom

Nori Rolls with Ginger-Cashew Pate from Choosing Raw

I hope the picture shows up right, technology is not cooperating with me today.  Probably because I’ve been too busy in the kitchen or out riding my bike – perhaps my computer is feeling left out.  Oy.. what a thought – a computer with feelings. 

Derailing that thought.   I’m off to write some late responses to some very sweet folks – I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I will try and not stay away for so long.

And I suggest giving that Ginger-Cashew Pate a try – it is sooo totally worth it!


Poetry and Food

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While that title makes no sense – it will if you keep reading. 

I have two big things planned for April.  The first is Go Fresh!  It’s an eleven week initiative run by Penni Shelton over at Raw Food Rehab.  Clicky the link if you’re interested in what that’s all about.

Secondly, my friend Shanna (lovely Shanna) has started or rather, picked up a ball that was dropped last year and is doing a poem-a-day thing over HERE. (again, click the link – I promise it’s safe for work…if your work allows you to visit blogs).

If I can figure out how to single space the poem, I’ll post them here.  Eh. I’ll post the poems here either way.  As for the Go Fresh initiative, while I am doing weekly weigh-ins there, I’m not sure if I’m going to share it here (well I’m sure I will but perhaps not weekly because I’m lazy).

I hope all is well with you and that the weather by you is a lot warmer than it is here in SE Wisconsin!

But it could be worse… I’m sure


Where have I been?

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Well – I’ve been around.  Most of my time has been spent working on becoming healthier.  This involved me using my time a lot differently.  Mainly, my time has been spent in the kitchen washing the fruits and veg, chopping the fruits and veg and juicing the fruits and veg….. then the clean up of it all.

My hands are a mess but it’s well worth it (that and I have discovered the wonders of coconut oil – thanks Aimee 🙂

Currently, I’m coming off of a 10 dayjuice  fast (I did the 10-day juice fast by Natasha St. Michael that you can read about here) and I am going to be participating in the Go Fresh initiative that Penni Shelton is running that starts on April 1st.

The juice fast was great.  Seriously.  It was.  There were days when I swore that I would not be able to go another day or minute or hour, but I did.  I did the full 10 days and I am looking forward to doing another  one in the near future.  And by near future, I mean on or around April 1st – though I believe I’d like to try a full 2 week juice fast.

Oh and I had lost around 9 lbs from the juice fast so – that’s nothing to sneeze at. 

Now if I can just ignore the cheese in the fridge!


So I have been on a juice and smoothie kick.  Mostly because I am tired of more chemicals than actual food (and I wouldn’t mind losing some weight as well but mainly – I’d like to be healthier)

I don’t follow many recipes because I live in Wisconsin and during the winter the produce starts looking pretty weak.    But it’s getting better – I just picked up some organic kale last night.

This morning – don’t ask me why – but I decided to put some raisins in my smoothie.  It seemed fine at first – I put it in the mason jar and took it to work only to discover a few hours later that my banana, blueberry, pineapple, raisin and spinach smoothie was more like sludge.

It tastes good but not the best looking smoothie I’ve made.

At least now I know 🙂


Before I explain what happened to make me laugh I should explain that I tend to get pissed off about things.  I don’t act on that anger (most of the time)  but I sometimes carry it around.

I work for a giant corporation and our building is one of the main centers. There are about 3,000 of us milling around during the day.  Our building is set up with some rather nice break rooms where there are microwaves, refrigerators, an ice/water dispenser and the coffee pots.

There is one gentleman that comes in and makes a HUGE mess.  And by HUGE I mean I have witnessed him splash coffee all over the counter and not wipe it up.  He has made coffee using two packets instead of the one (clogging up the filter and causing a tar like ground coffee mess.  I’ve watched him to this double packet thing and restart the coffee while the pot was still half full (that time I didn’t exactly control my anger and to his credit he said he’d clean it up – probably to shut me up).

People have left signs for this jackwad about cleaning up – only using one packet of coffee, etc.  Either he doesn’t read (or can’t), he doesn’t pay attention or he doesn’t give a damn.  I’m personally thinking that it’s a mix of all three.

Needless to say after a couple years of this – I tend to scowl a bit when I see him zipping down the hallway on his way to or from the break room (my theory is that he knows he’s pissed off most of the people here so he moves fast to not be followed to his cube and to make the target area harder to hit in case someone gets to the point of throwing  something at him).

So yesterday when I came around the corner and saw him, I thought to myself “He’s not worth the effort to be pissed at” and  as I agreed with myself  I watched  in shock as one of his suspenders suddenly let go of his pants and smacked him in the side of the face.  The hilarity continued as he squeaked and jumped around holding the side of his face.

Thankfully, my parents taught me manners and I moved away and was well (mostly) out of earshot before I chuckled out loud.  By the time I got to my desk I was laughing.

Not a bad day all in all 🙂

But I wonder what would happen if I gave up on being pissed about the folks that talk too loud in the next aisle?!?!?!