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Poetry and Food

Posted: March 28, 2011 in my life, Raw Food, Writing

While that title makes no sense – it will if you keep reading. 

I have two big things planned for April.  The first is Go Fresh!  It’s an eleven week initiative run by Penni Shelton over at Raw Food Rehab.  Clicky the link if you’re interested in what that’s all about.

Secondly, my friend Shanna (lovely Shanna) has started or rather, picked up a ball that was dropped last year and is doing a poem-a-day thing over HERE. (again, click the link – I promise it’s safe for work…if your work allows you to visit blogs).

If I can figure out how to single space the poem, I’ll post them here.  Eh. I’ll post the poems here either way.  As for the Go Fresh initiative, while I am doing weekly weigh-ins there, I’m not sure if I’m going to share it here (well I’m sure I will but perhaps not weekly because I’m lazy).

I hope all is well with you and that the weather by you is a lot warmer than it is here in SE Wisconsin!

But it could be worse… I’m sure



Before I explain what happened to make me laugh I should explain that I tend to get pissed off about things.  I don’t act on that anger (most of the time)  but I sometimes carry it around.

I work for a giant corporation and our building is one of the main centers. There are about 3,000 of us milling around during the day.  Our building is set up with some rather nice break rooms where there are microwaves, refrigerators, an ice/water dispenser and the coffee pots.

There is one gentleman that comes in and makes a HUGE mess.  And by HUGE I mean I have witnessed him splash coffee all over the counter and not wipe it up.  He has made coffee using two packets instead of the one (clogging up the filter and causing a tar like ground coffee mess.  I’ve watched him to this double packet thing and restart the coffee while the pot was still half full (that time I didn’t exactly control my anger and to his credit he said he’d clean it up – probably to shut me up).

People have left signs for this jackwad about cleaning up – only using one packet of coffee, etc.  Either he doesn’t read (or can’t), he doesn’t pay attention or he doesn’t give a damn.  I’m personally thinking that it’s a mix of all three.

Needless to say after a couple years of this – I tend to scowl a bit when I see him zipping down the hallway on his way to or from the break room (my theory is that he knows he’s pissed off most of the people here so he moves fast to not be followed to his cube and to make the target area harder to hit in case someone gets to the point of throwing  something at him).

So yesterday when I came around the corner and saw him, I thought to myself “He’s not worth the effort to be pissed at” and  as I agreed with myself  I watched  in shock as one of his suspenders suddenly let go of his pants and smacked him in the side of the face.  The hilarity continued as he squeaked and jumped around holding the side of his face.

Thankfully, my parents taught me manners and I moved away and was well (mostly) out of earshot before I chuckled out loud.  By the time I got to my desk I was laughing.

Not a bad day all in all 🙂

But I wonder what would happen if I gave up on being pissed about the folks that talk too loud in the next aisle?!?!?!