Where have I been?

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Juicing/Smoothies, Raw Food

Well – I’ve been around.  Most of my time has been spent working on becoming healthier.  This involved me using my time a lot differently.  Mainly, my time has been spent in the kitchen washing the fruits and veg, chopping the fruits and veg and juicing the fruits and veg….. then the clean up of it all.

My hands are a mess but it’s well worth it (that and I have discovered the wonders of coconut oil – thanks Aimee 🙂

Currently, I’m coming off of a 10 dayjuice  fast (I did the 10-day juice fast by Natasha St. Michael that you can read about here) and I am going to be participating in the Go Fresh initiative that Penni Shelton is running that starts on April 1st.

The juice fast was great.  Seriously.  It was.  There were days when I swore that I would not be able to go another day or minute or hour, but I did.  I did the full 10 days and I am looking forward to doing another  one in the near future.  And by near future, I mean on or around April 1st – though I believe I’d like to try a full 2 week juice fast.

Oh and I had lost around 9 lbs from the juice fast so – that’s nothing to sneeze at. 

Now if I can just ignore the cheese in the fridge!



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