You know, I find it hard to do this kind of thing, but I’ll try.

I am across the board on many things.  I feel that the oath “First, do no harm” should apply to everyone and not just doctors.  I find interest in all forms of religion but consider myself more of a Zen Buddist in my beliefs. I am happily married to my darling SO Dean (SO stands for significant other, it’s an inside joke from the night we were watching Battlestar Galactica – it has to do with him being not only the second in command, but having the second opinion on top of being the significant other…. I guess you had to be there). Top that off with two beautiful daughters (one who insists on having children with her wonderful husband) and the fact that I live out in suburbia makes me the model citizen for the average american (sans the .5 kid and pets).

I enjoy my family, art, music, reading and writing and I plan to talk about it all here.

Thanks for stopping by.