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And all I can say is wow.  My skin is so freaking soft it’s not funny.   And to top it off – I had a bit of a mark from something on my face I recently (a couple of months ago) was picking at (yeah – I am going to be 46 years old and I still get zits… go figure) and it had left a bit of a mark – irritation – something of the sort and it’s considerably smaller and not as angry-looking (cause, lets face it – picking at it was not making it feel better by any means).

Another plus side?  My pores are looking smaller.  So I am going to be doing this honey mask/wash for a long time.  It’s so easy!!  This morning I even slapped some on my neck because I wanted my skin to feel as yummy as my face (and speaking of yummy – how many things to you put on your face that don’t taste like gack if you accidentally get it in your mouth whilst rinsing?)

Tomorrow I am going to Festa Italiana with my youngest – hopefully this better weather will hold out and it won’t be too bad – it’s either that or I’m going to have to break out the razor and shave my legs!!

Give the honey a try though – give it a couple of days and I’m sure you’ll be impressed!  Oh and I should add that I have super sensitive skin 🙂



Time flies – it really does.  Since I can’t check much on the internet from work things like my blog have been nearly forgotten by the wayside.   I thought I’d written SOMETHING, ANYTIHNG, since May. But apparently not.

My friend Aimee posted a cryptic message on her blog that sent me over to the Crunchy Betty site about the honey challenge. 

Basically – you wash your face (without makeup) for two weeks.  She has a cute video on her blog that I suggest you watch.  Not that anyone needs to know how to wash her face it’s just done in such “Leave it to Beaver” fashion that it made me grin.

On a side note, I’ve been washing my face twice a day with honey.  I leave it on for a bit (which is easy because some of my honey is kinda thick) to soak it the goodness.  My skin looks different and feels a bit different.    The texture of my skin is smoother and feels a bit firmer.  One of the things I regularly had an issue with is my skin feeling dry after washing it.  So much so that I usually ended up just rinsing with water because when my skin is dry – my body compensates by making my face oily.


Work has been keeping me very busy.  And while I don’t mind being busy, I don’t like feeling overwhelmed and that’s pretty much where I’m at now.  I don’t mind occasional moments of stress but when it becomes the norm, I tend to focus on what I didn’t accomplish rather than the things I did get done (which is easy to do when your list seems to get longer and longer).

Enough whining for me.  I am going to go slather some honey on my face and appreciate the central air conditioning in this hot and humid night!

Namaste \o/