Bad Haircut – Good Haircut

Posted: February 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

In hindsight – I should have taken a photo of the bad haircut.  In my defense, I was too shocked and didn’t have enough time as it was.

My hair is short. I like it short. It’s easy to take care of after my days of perms and color.  Of blow-drying my hair straight only to put it in hot rollers and attack it with a curling iron.  Not to mention the mousse, hairspray and other products that I used in an effort to have the perfect coif.

I have fine, straight hair and without the products and perms it doesn’t do much except lay on my head all limp like.  However, cut short and it stands up and looks like I have an amazing head of hair.  Every new beautician I’ve had has said the same thing when I stagger in  – asking to get it cut.

Well I had my last haircut before Thanksgiving and for some reason I decided to let it grow out.  Then for a week or three, I thought I might just try and grow it out again. That was until my “bangs’ starting annoying the crap out of me.

So I dragged out the hair clips in an attempt (at least while at home) to keep the hair from driving me fully bonkers.  But alas, my finely straight hair is masterful at escaping any clip or barrette known to man.

This past Friday – I was actually thinking that I would be attempting to cut my own hair with a set of dull kitchen scissors -that’s how desperate I was.  Instead I stopped by a local  haircut joint to have them take care of this debacle.

The lady I usually went to wasn’t there – and the place was busy and I though “eh, I should go home”  but I knew I was going on a bit of a road trip the next day and didn’t want to deal with it.  So I waited.

The person I got seemed nice – though a bit heavy on the word “definitely”  and I explained how I wanted my hair.  Her first pass, it was still too long on top and I had her take it down a bit.  Since my hair is fine – I tend to close my eyes while it’s being cut – only looking when asked to.

When I looked again – it seemed fine.  She had put pomade in and I thanked her – paid the bill and gave her a tip and went home, happy that my hair was out of my eyes.

Then later that night my hair felt a bit icky and I scratched my head only to realize that this woman had GOBBED my hair with styling paste.  So I hopped into the shower (never a bad thing to do after a haircut) and when I got out – I realized that this woman had failed to cut most of the hair on the left side of my head after her first initial hacking pass.

Seriously – my hair was awful.  But There was nothing I could do.  So the next morning I tried my best to make it look even.  Though I got the strange looks from our tax lady and my cousin and her kids.  Because I was driving my husband didn’t notice how crappy my haircut was until he walked in with me and stood on my left.

As I was explaining to the other lady (thank goodness the one who did this to me wasn’t there) my husband turned and looked and said “Holy cow, is your hair hacked up over here. It looks like Gabe* cut your hair and Sarah** tried to fix it by helping Gabe”  which prompted me to be taken back IMMEDIATELY.

Well when my hair was looked at even the new lady was shocked – she apologized and said she’d have to cut my hair even shorter to make everything match up.

After a lot of cutting my hair looks fabulous and I’m a happy camper.  And I could have taken a picture but I forgot and it’s Monday so it’s probably not going to happen.  But the universe is a much happier place now that my hair isn’t all jacked up (some bits were around 4″ long on one side and like 1/2″ on the opposite side of my head!)

Lesson learned: Make sure to check your entire head BEFORE they put the goo on it.

Happy Valentines Day!


*Gabe is my 5 year old grandson

** Sarah is my daughter and Gabe’s mom

  1. Aimee says:

    Buh, bad hair cuts are… lame. I’m glad you could get yours fixed! I’m *still* trying to grow out my last awful haircut, it’s only just now looking remotely not terrible.

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