New Socks!

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Knitting, Pen Pals, Random Snarkiness (or snarky-ness), Uncategorized

This post is mainly for my awesome penpal Aimee *waves* because she sent me a gorgeous pair of socks for Christmas (thank you again honey) .   Anyway – my camera was being weird. The socks are a gorgeous color orange – a warm orange.  My mom didn’t believe that they were handmade.  They are.  One of my hopes for 2011 is that I learn how to crochet/knit more intricate stitches and designs and to make more useful things.  Right now I have a request for a beanie from the son-in-law. Egads. The pressure is on.

Anyhoo, enough ramblings – here’s the most awesome socks in the world (according to me!)

Christmas Socks

Really, they are a lovely warm orange color....

So here I am with my warm feet, and my new Christmas stuff that I will post about once I get pictures and such.  Right now – I have to finish putting my house back to normal and find all my stationery and stamps so I can get caught up on my letter writing.

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Aimee says:

    Omg I’m so glad they fit, I’m always totally freaked that I’ll make them too big or worse, too small. Yay!

  2. […] I knit as gifts, but about half the time (more, really, most of the time), I forget.  Good thing Annette took photos of hers. I loved these socks, the orange is really great, and I love the yarn, it’s a cotton blend […]

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