Writing, the internet and my bloody headache

Posted: November 9, 2010 in NaNoWriMo, Writing

Writing is going slowly.   I write best during the mid-morning hours. Unfortunately, I’m at work five out of the seven days I can do this.   So I often end up staring at my computer after work and perhaps trying to type a cohesive sentence or three.

I should not be so hard. I did submit a short story last night so I did get something done.

The headache I’ve had since Saturday doesn’t help.  And neither does surfing the net or bouncing around online checking on old MMO’s I used to/still play.

I would say that losing the internet would help my concentration, but I have the Sims 3 loaded on my PC and laptop and you don’t need the internet to play that.  Oh no you don’t.

Here’s hoping I can get rid of the headache and find my words tonight (and to stay away from the internet!)


  1. hippycrite says:

    I think you’re awesome to even give it a shot, jeez. I’m too wimpy to even think about it. Yay for submitting a story! I suck as a penpal last week and this, and you’re writing a novel, so uh, we’ll just, get back to our regularly scheduled program when shit goes back to normal? Yes?


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