How… Odd

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Mail Art, Pen Pals, Snail Mail

Yesterday I came home to a lovely stack of letters waiting patiently for me to read them.  Except one was a letter I sent off to The Catwrangler a while ago….

As in – more than a week.

I double checked the address, the stamps were canceled.  There was no “return to sender” message, it was …  just the letter was sent to me instead of her.  My husband said he felt that I had put my return address label too low on the back and had confused the machines at the post office and I fear he could be right.

But it seems very odd that I have done this same thing with dozens of other letters and everything went through fine.  However, I have noticed that my mail is not arriving the way it used to.   It seems like letters that were mailed 2-4 days apart are showing up together and it’s a bit… odd.

I know the post office is going through some sort of money saving reorganization and there is talk of losing our Saturday delivery.  I will go on record as saying I’m mixed about it. I have a post box at the post office that I know I can get to at least on Saturday, seeing as the post office is only open when I’m at work.  Though I could leave for work early and my mail BEFORE work.  And that might not be a bad way to start the day, unless, of course, the post office box is empty.

But the changes – if it means even SLOWER service then I’m afraid the post office is going to lose even more customers.  I don’t mind waiting for mail and I adore receiving all the letters and post cards I do.  My fear is that people who are on the fence about writing letters will view the slower service and increased prices as a reason to keep on emailing and only using the mail to send off the occasional thank you or birthday card.

I am hoping that I won’t have to tone down my envelopes – I really enjoy playing around with fun envelopes and it would be a shame if I’d have to give them up in order to have my mail arrive correctly.   So far it’s been pretty good, but I’ll be keeping tabs on it to see if it becomes the norm instead of the exception.

Happy Posting!

  1. Aimee says:

    I’ve noticed things being… odd… lately. My New Yorker doesn’t come on Thursdays anymore and I think I may have missed a couple of issues entirely. Some days I get … absolutely NOTHING in the mailbox, which is really weird, we never get nothing at all. I get letters in batches, it seems. I mean, I don’t get *that* many letters, but they used to trickle in during a week. I might keep track for a couple of weeks, just because, but I think they’re coming 2 or 3 days, so I get 2 or 3 maybe twice a week or something. As long as it all gets to me in a remotely timely manner, I’m not complaining, but anytime there’s something different.. with my LETTERS, I worry…

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