Sad Mail Day

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Mail Art, Pen Pals, Snail Mail

Recently, I made it to the postoffice and opened the little door to see a very sad sight – a very sad sight indeed:


Returned to Sender

At first I was a bit flipped out – it’s been a while since something like that has ever happened, and actually, the first time something involving mail art / pen pals has ever been returned.  So I did some searching on the interwebs (yes, I so totally stole that from Shanna ;p) I discovered that the original address I copied was entered wrong by the poster.  She had then went on to reply to herself and post the correct address but I guess I didn’t catch it… or caught it and still wrote down the wrong one.  Who knows?

The main thing is I have, I hope, the correct address now and all that was needed was to stuff it into a bigger envelope and send it on it’s merry way.

front view

Resent to Sender

backside view

Back View

I had a pretty productive weekend considering I was hostessing my hubs board game extravaganza.  Well, productive in letter writing and ink/fountain pen testing, I got quite a stack waiting to be dropped off at the post office tomorrow. Oh, and a couple of Postcrossing postcards too.

My one fun project I forgot to take pictures of before putting it in the envelope.  I’m going to make another one and make sure to take plenty of pictures or even *gasp* try my hand at a video.   I also finished up a bunch of envelopes.  I’ll be posting those up on my Flickr (there should be a link on the right) size 10 linen business envelopes.  These are the best of the bunch – there were a few that didn’t like the ink I was using.  It’s a challenge coming up with an ink/paint that isn’t too watery or too thick.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a smooth Monday >_<

Happy Posting


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