Post Cards

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Mail Art, Pen Pals, Snail Mail

I recently joined Postcrossings because I realized I was hanging onto some postcards for no reason whatsoever.  None.  I was going to “save” them.  For what, I have no idea.  I recall with some of them, I was going to make a type of mural for my cubicle but with as many times as I’ve had to move cubes (and the way the economy is going) I don’t want to get TOO comfortable in my cubical-home.

Anyway – from the internet super highway – or some blog – I found Postcrossings and decided to send my post cards off into the world.   What was funny was that after sending off a few cards I became worried that I *gasp* wouldn’t have enough postcards to send out.


That is what I call another subliminal excuse to order something – since the only post cards I found around town were those at the Milwaukee Art Museum (that is another post for later).  So now I have a huge collection of postcards sitting in a box, eagerly waiting to be shipped out.

But I have to tell you – sometimes it takes forever (or what seems like forever to me) for a postcard to travel from point A to point B.   I have a postcard that is on its 16th day of travel from Wisconsin to Finland.  Then I start to wonder:  did I address it wrong?  Did I put on enough postage?   Should I send another one?

It could be that my postcard was received in such horrible condition that the receiver couldn’t read the code (or my handwriting is that abysmal – who knows).  So I am struggling with sending another one or not.  I think I will – just to make sure they received something.

This weekend I am thinking of trying my hand at making some postcards – art cards if you will.  I think I finally found some paper in my stash that will hold up to some artistic ventures – then  its off to the post office to make sure I’m not violating any postal codes.

I’ll post pictures – hopefully I’ll remember to take pictures BEFORE addressing them 🙂

Happy Writing


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