Fun Stuff from the Post Office

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Post Cards, Snail Mail

I was able to check my PO Box today at the post office (got there with exactly 4 minutes to spare, when they say they close at 5, they mean 5 on the DOT!) 

Upon opening the box, I was a bit miffed that crammed in the box was junk mail (that I specifically talked about not getting but who knows, could have been someone new) and amongst the junk were four shiney post cards! 

Post Cards from Postcrossings!

Post Cards from Postcrossings


Well, three were shiney – one was in an envelope with a canned apology about the damage (looks like it got dropped in water and the ink ran a bit – but the post card DID say that it was raining and they were expecting a tropical storm.. so…) but the card was legible and in pretty good shape.  The larger post card from China had a few dings in it.  The are from (from top left going clockwise) Spain, USA, Bermuda (the one with the water smudges) and China. 

Now I need to figure out a way to store these lovely treasures because I know when my mom and dad come to visit, they’ll like to look them over.  They like looking at the envelopes for the mail art and the stamps – especially the stamps. 

I hope you had a good mail day as well!


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