I think I have stamp ADD

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Crafting, Mail Art, Snail Mail, Uncategorized

I think I have stamp ADD

Originally uploaded by Annies_Art

I love how this envelope came out. It was made from some old designer paper I have laying around (you know,  you see a package deal with some paper that you absolutely *must* have – then there’s the rest that you have no idea what to do with.. that’s one of the “no clue” pages for me…)

The other bits are from a Tim Holtz digi-kit that I picked up. I normally am not a fan of cutting things out. I think I kind of fail on that. But I discovered that, like with most things, practice makes perfect.

Or at least makes you not suck so badly.

It’s not perfect, but what is? I know if I came home and found this in the mail pile it would make me smile and that’s what matters.

Hope you all have a good mail day (and a fab Friday)



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