A letter to the scale

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Random Snarkiness (or snarky-ness), Weight Loss

Dear Mister Scale –

Yes, I refer to you as “he” since you came with the hubs when we merged households.  This may explain the on-again, off-again relationship we have.

I know I’ve been sporadic in visiting you.  I go through phases where I would check in with you every day, followed by long bouts of avoidance.  I know I’ve blamed you when the numbers you gave me weren’t what I wanted and yet didn’t give you credit when they were.

I apologize for complaining about you – for threatening to send you to the basement and put a new, fancy, digital scale in your spot.

So, going forward, I won’t threaten replacement or demotion.  I will take responsibility for any gains – or losses.  After all, you are merely the messenger.  I will try and limit my visits – and will refrain from several tries to see if, for some magical reason, the numbers are different than they were the first (second, fifth) time.

Thank you for being there, through all the glorious losses and the humbling gains.  I realize I shouldn’t depend on you but I do use you as part of the visual proof of my weight loss and I’ll try to remember to treat you with the respect you deserve, instead of the score you’ve received lately (I mean really.. two weeks and I’ve lost LESS than a pound.. really?  Seriously?  Jeesh).

Until tomorrow morning –



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