Posted: June 22, 2010 in Crafting, Knitting, Uncategorized

The weather here in Wisconsin has been a bit wonky.  Muggy, humid days seem to be followed by stormy nights.

While I like rain and don’ t mind storms, I tend to shy away from technology when the lightening is making a spectacular show.  I recall being warned about people being killed from being on the phone (back in the old days when phones were connected by this cord – don’t even get me started about the rotary phone and it’s jarring ring).

So last night I started out cleaning out some shows on the TIVO, then meandered to the office to play the Sims 3 – Ambitions.  Things were going along for the Morrison family when I realized it was quite dark in the room.  Then I looked at the clock.

I did that back and forth, clock to window to clock, look for a while because my brain couldn’t comprehend that it was that dark.  You see, our lovely subdivision makes everyone have a light on which annoys the shit out of me (light pollution anyone?) and of course, we have the lovely glow from the nearby towns.

But it was dark, and it wasn’t time for it to be that dark.  Then the rain started, followed by far off thunder which progressed to lightening.  Now I’ve had friends lose PC’s to storms and I wasn’t about to tempt fate.  So I turned off and wandered back to the living room and thought about what to do.

TV was out and I wasn’t in the mood to read, I actually debated just going to bed, but instead picked up my long forgotten scarf and after a couple hesitant rows,  I was back in the swing of things, knitting away.

But I kept thinking about other things I wanted to knit.  I’ve tried crocheting a number of times (huge fail there) and I love the idea of making something by hand and sharing the energy.  So I decided that I was going to actively work on my knitting skills and learn how to crochet.

However, once the worst of the storm passed I went right back to the computer to work on the Morrison family.

Me and my intentions 🙂


PS:  I have still been exercising and am still down 25 lbs- this weekend I will be taking measurements again – wish me luck!


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