The results are in…

Posted: May 24, 2010 in Exercise, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

I couldn’t wait until Sunday to do the “official” weigh and measuring.  So after I annoyed the hell out of my husband, he finally woke up and helped me and we were  both very surprised.

I have lost 20 lbs and 11.25 inches!

Mind you, we only measured the right bicep, thigh and calf.  Had I been thinking I would have done both sides and gotten an even better idea of how much weight I have lost.

The numbers kind of proved what I had noticed – that most of the inches were lost in the chest area.  Though my rear end and waist both dropped a couple of inches – they still have much more to lose.

One nice thing was this morning I tried on a pair of pants and shirt that had always been too tight for me to wear.  Today they fit.  Not tight, but not very loose.

I guess I’ll watch these pants become baggier over time and move to the next size down 🙂

I have virtual class the rest of the week, so I won’t be blogging much, but I will be exercising – at home after today.  I’ve come too far to drop it all now!

Plus, in 5 more weeks I’ll be measuring again and I’d like to see another double digit number!


  1. You’ve done it once again. Incredible writing!

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