Posted: May 18, 2010 in Exercise, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

Well, we’re on week 5, day 2.  Today I don’t have class, but I am headed to the gym to do some cardio.

But I am sore.  Last week I noticed that I really wasn’t sore until Friday’s class.  So yesterday I pushed myself and feel it it my thighs and shoulders/arms.

It’s a good sore – letting me know that my muscles are there and that I’m working them.

I was going to check my measurements and weight tonight, but I’ve decided to do it Sunday.  It was Sunday, April 18th when I had my husband measure me – and the 21st when I finally weighed myself.  Sunday I’ll just do both and then use the third Sunday of every month as a measure/weigh date (or close to it).

The weekly weigh ins will be more for my own torture in between “official” weigh ins. Better to find out I’m off track early than later….



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