Dishpan Hands

Posted: May 17, 2010 in Books, Weight Loss

Or rather.. where is that measuring cup? It was just here a minute ago and I’m the only one here.

Ahh the weekends.  This was a special weekend – as I had the house to myself for the most part (the hubs went to visit friends in Madison and left early Saturday morning) and I took advantage of it.

Since I started my adventure to get my health, and waistline, back – I’ve been eating clean.   Mostly, I follow Tosca Reno’s plan in her Eat Clean Diet Recharged book.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, a co-worker was following the plan and he is doing fabulously and I was tired of the yo-yo diets and quick weight loss that seemed to nearly kiss my goals and then wave goodbye.

Granted, it’s my doing – or not doing.  I’m the one who puts the food in my mouth.  No one has yet forced me to eat or drink whatever I want (this includes peer/family pressure – as crafty as they are, I still have the ability to say “no” and not give in)

Eating clean means staying away from processed foods.  But I know that I tend to eat too much dairy and that I need to stay away from nightshades (especially tomatoes).  So I’ve been working a bit of a macrobiotic twist into my meals, or rather, trying.

Because I work all week and I have my exercise classes – I tend to leave early and get home late.  This means I don’t have a lot of time to cook, which leave the weekends for preparing the food I’ll be eating for the week.

This has been great for me, unless I’m traveling over the weekend, then I’m stuck trying to pack a week’s worth of cooking into a Sunday evening – not fun.

So this weekend I was able to leisurely make a number of dishes and in doing so, I created several loads of dishes that needed to be washed.

Not a problem you say? Toss them in the dishwasher?  No problem, unless you need that measuring cup or the vegetable peeler.  What? Another three cloves of garlic run through the garlic press!

See what I mean.

So I end up doing dishes by hand.  A lot.  And I’ve discovered it’s really not that bad.  I get to view each item to make sure it’s clean – instead of waiting for the end of the dishwasher cycle to find some mysterious dried on mess that requires a hammer and chisel to remove that was left on the hubs cereal bowl….

I discovered I move around a lot more as I’m doing this.  No tossing something into an appliance and plopping on the couch until it’s finished – I move between making the meals and washing dishes and back again.

Around this time last year, I’d have woken up and planted my butt in front of my computer all day and into the night instead of waking up and making Quinoa and Oats for breakfast before heading off to the local health food store for supplies.

All of this moving adds up – and I’ll know exactly how much tomorrow when I take my measurements again.

Happy Monday – Peace!


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