Week 4 – Day 5

Posted: May 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was yoga – and it was lovely.  I followed it up by heading to the bar (Donges Bay Clubhouse or DBC in Mequon, WI) where my youngest was playing waitress and cook.

She made my husband and I burgers and fries and tossed in some enchilada soup.  I tried not to eat all of it; especially the soup because it was the creamy kind which usually means full of dairy and white flour.  But I couldn’t resist.

Today was muscle conditioning class.  It was rough.  For some reason it’s the most sweaty class I attend.  Or rather, the one I sweat the most in.

I have pretty much moved up from 5lbs to 8 or 10, which is great – however, the left side of my body is a wimp compared to the right.  So I know I’ll have to work on that.

I am excited – next week is week 5 and not only will I be weighing myself, but taking my measurements as well and seeing how far I’ve come.

Next week is a bitter sweet week, because the following week I’ll be in training most of the week, and at strange hours so I’ll be taking it from home.  Then the following week is a break in training.

So I will be on my own for nearly two weeks and in those two weeks I can either sit on my ass and do nothing or keep working out.  I hope I keep working out – even if it’s just walking and doing some weights.  We own a Bo-Flex, I think I can follow along on the big poster on what exercises to do.

At least that’s the plan.

Have a great weekend!


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