Week 3 – Day 1

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Exercise, Uncategorized

Why does it seem that right when I need to leave my desk and get ready for my class that the phone rings? or I get an emergency email?

I was a bit late for class – and it was a short class today, which was good.  A lot of jumping and push-ups that were very hard on the knees.  In fact, my knees hurt.

Perhaps it was the long walks on the treadmill over the weekend, but really.  It wasn’t -that- hard.  It could have been harder or longer.  I could talk.  I kept hydrated.  But today’s class was just a lot of up and down and while it’s good to work on, it’s something I have a hard time with.

Thank god there are recumbent exercise bikes to use.  That’s where you’ll find me tomorrow at lunch.

Unless of course, I can’t make it up the steps to get to my desk – then I’ll be at home nursing sore knees.


I am so looking forward to  Yoga on Thursday!



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