Week 2 – Day 5 and the Weekend

Posted: May 3, 2010 in Exercise, Uncategorized, Weight Loss

Well, Day 5 came and went.  The muscle conditioning class was brutal.  A lot of emphasis on the upper body (where I am my weakest) that was felt well into Sunday.

Over the weekend I decided to start something I’ve only planned in my head:  walking.  Well I was going to start training to run but being so overweight is hell on my knees and ankles so I think I’ll wait until I’m down a bit more before attempting that regiment.

So I walked 2 miles – 45 minutes total (including warm up and cool down).  I did a bit of interval training, where I would push up the pace for 10 minutes and lower it down for 5.

Walking on the treadmill is boring as hell, however, I know how fast I’m going and how long I’ve been walking and it keeps my pace steady.  When I walk outside I have a tendency to end up meandering and pausing to look at things and my walk ends up more like a stroll.

I am thinking that perhaps a playlist on the old Ipod may help – something upbeat to keep me moving.  The downside is not being able to listen to the sounds of nature.

This weekend I abstained from “cheating”  which means no fast food burgers for moi :p   I am noticing some changes – or rather, feeling them.    I feel thinner, though I know I have along way to go,  I feel like I’m firming up a bit (mind you this firmness is cleverly disguised by a layer of fat – but even that layer seems to be getting a bit firmer.

I’ve noticed my clothes are looser and fit better.  I was tempted to measure myself to see how many inches I’ve lost but the hubs and I discussed it and I’ve decided to wait until week 5, the halfway point, to see my results.  I’ll do it again after the 10th week as well.

Now on to week 3!



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