Day 5 and an apology

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

I meant to post something on Friday.  Especially after the muscle conditioning class that topped off the first week of excercise classes.  I made it through the class without stopping too often – I wasn’t keeping the same pace as others but I tried to push myself a bit.

When I left the locker room, I realized I’d have to walk up three flights of stairs.  I could have taken the elevator, but really, after all that exercise.  So I made it almost to the top and I had to stop.  Then when I mentally kicked myself in the ass and went the rest of the way up, I turned the corner to see my co-worker walking down the hall.

Well, I must have had some look on my face because he chuckled at me and asked if I was okay.  

Jeesh – so much for sympathy.  I didn’t need it though.  In fact, I’ve asked him and some other friends/co-workers to help me stick with my exercise and they agreed.  Though most of my support team is going to be off site for the next couple of weeks.  But I asked if they could, should they have the time, text or IM me with a reminder to work out.

Most of the week, Monday through Friday, I have been eating much better.  But the weekend brought a trip up to Eau Claire that started with a 5 am wake up.  Needless to say, the ride up was fueled by fast food followed by lots of good food at the birthday party and restaurants/fast food basically all around.

What I found interesting was when my Mom found out I was trying to eat healthier, she seemed okay with it; even giving me some of her views on the matter.  Then we stopped by the local tavern where she proceeded to try and get me to drink.  Over and over I declined her offer until I finally let her buy me a shot – and she doubled it.


It was a quick reminder why I often don’t discuss what I’m doing.  It seems like there is this desire to support and then, well, not. 

Tomorrow is the start of week 2.  I am tempted to see how bad the damage was from this weekend and weigh myself before Wednesday  – perhaps I will tomorrow (okay, I KNOW I will tomorrow – wish me luck!)



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