Day 4

Posted: April 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I need to find new titles.  Perhaps Week # then Day?  I’ll think about it.

Right now, I am sitting in my chair in pain.  Today was yoga and the instructor is awesome.  It wasn’t hard like the cardio was.   It was hard in a different way.  I was sweating (yes the whole crack thing again) and while I wasn’t feeling too bad after the workout.  I sure in the hell was when I went to get up after sitting at my desk for a couple of hours.

I could barely move!  My hamstrings were screaming – my arms were like noodles.  The only part of my body that didn’t ache was my feet.

Probably because they were too tired to complain.  Jeesh.

But I feel alive.  I feel like I’ve done something.  Yes, I’m still fat.  Yes, my rolls got in the way of doing some moves properly, but I did it and next week it will be better and between the exercise and the better eating habits – it can only get better.

My plan is to incorporate some walking on my non-class days.  But not this week.  Maybe next week.  Come to think of it.. probably week three.

I need to go stretch out my hamstrings again before I fall over or someone gives me a walker out of sympathy.

Tomorrow is muscle conditioning.  I wonder what condition my muscles will be in?



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