Day 3

Posted: April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


First thing I learned:  Don’t show up late and miss the warm up – your body will hate you, and by hate you I mean I believe I was threatened with a coup.

Second thing I learned: I am still a klutz.  Even after all these years.  I’m amazed I made it this far in life.  I mean – I was okay with the whole step up and down from the stepper thing. But jump? Swing your arms?  Okay so I’m looking wildly about the room  – but the instructor had different rows doing different things.

That panicked me, because I knew I’d end up having to do the torturous things she was making the other rows do.


Third thing I learned:  I STILL do not like the feeling of sweat running down the crack of my ass.

There. I said it.  Disgusting though it may be – it’s true.  How in the hell do you deal with something like that in a room full of people? Never mind the fact that I’m the fattest, most out of shape person there –  even if I was stick thin, I’d still hate that feeling and wonder if it would be rude to just shove the material in there and block it?

Don’t answer, while in theory it would be funny as hell, I do work with a ton of people who think I’m weird already, not need to rush out and prove it.  Maybe I’ll just pull up my pants REALLY far in hopes of giving myself a wedgie. *snort*

Another thing I’ve learned is that making a huge recipe means eating the same thing over and over and over… and over and over…. and OVER and I’m about ready to gag.  So I need to widen my horizons more or at least make something different.  I mean I love the baked oatmeal dish from the Eat Clean diet book (don’t love the Inca Berries I bought at the health food store /gag). But I don’t want to .. oh hell,  I’d gladly eat oatmeal type food all day.

What I would like to do is find a fool-proof recipe for tofu.  I understand the rinsing and the draining / pressing – I just don’t want to make something wrong and have bad feelings for tofu.

Oh – I weighed myself this morning.  Now, bear in mind on April 1st, I went to the doctor and was weighed in at my all time high of 244.8.  Even the nurse was shocked and said I didn’t look it.  Well, I guess I’ve been blessed – the fat spreads all over so it’s not the same as someone who gets it all in the gut or rear.

After that wake up call, I started watching what I ate and drinking more water.  This morning  – I weighed in at 236.    So I guess Wednesday will be my weigh in day.

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I need to go find some ibuprofen for my aching muscles



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