A Big ‘Ol Mess

Posted: April 9, 2010 in Crafting, Inspiration, Mixed Media

I bounce around from making cards to art journaling to making journals and back to making cards, and in the process of all of this, my studio (or craft room, whatever) becomes a big ‘ol mess.

Normally, I don’t mind this – especially when I’m working with collage elements – scraps of paper lying around within arms reach is nirvana.

But, eventually, the scraps from magazines and books get added to the pile and then I’m playing things here and there to keep separate from the rest of the mess – only to have the mess suddenly appear there as well.  All of the counter space was covered with something.  And not really just one thing, but layers of things.

I didn’t really notice this until I had to make a couple of cards and I brought my haul from Michaels home and realized that there was no way I was going to get anything done.  So I did what most people do.

I ignored the room for a few days.  Seriously.  I left it alone and thought about it.

Then last night, I started moving things around – starting cleaning up.  I started on one corner of the counter area and slowly moved around; organizing things a bit, putting things away, tossing things.

Oh. My. God.  Tossing things. I realized I was holding onto scraps of paper that I not only COULD not use – I knew I WOULD not use them.

Cleaning was more like an archeological dig.  Sure, I had some back grounds and folded card stock.  But under there I found my chalks, then under that – some decorative paper (very spring and interesting stuff).  Under that was some drawing that was ages old.   Finally, under that was the ghosts and paper I’d picked out to make Halloween cards TWO YEARS AGO.

Two years… really?  I didn’t have the sense to either put it away or toss the damn things?

So I went from cleaning and organizing – to taking a hard look at what I hold onto and why.   I have a lot of stamps that I’m going to put out in the yearly subdivision rummage  sale.

I was going to take pictures of before and after but I knew that if I’d have went upstairs and searched for my camera, I’d have never come back down.  There still is enough mess for me to show you.  Maybe that will get me inspired to finish the job and show you the after picture.

The hardest thing is finding some long-forgotten paper and wanting to make a card with it right away.  Or getting inspired with a package of brads that was buried in a pile of scraps.

I know that once I’m done, I’ll be more relaxed and that always gets the creative juices flowing.

Already I have an idea to take a few scraps and make a card from it – I have enough of it.

~ peace ~


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