Math.. blah!

Posted: January 25, 2010 in art journal, Mixed Media, Uncategorized

I was never good at math. I’m okay with basic math and even fractions – somewhat.  But when you start getting into rulers and 1/16th of an inch – my head starts to hurt and I want to go find some baked goods and a couch.

I’m taking a class on making your own art journal. It’s fun – a blast.  But then it came down to bite me in the ass – you got it – MATH.   I recall with fondness telling a certain college professor that I was absolutely CERTAIN that if I was being chased downhill by a bear, the last thing I’d do is try and figure out who would get to the bottom of the hill first.

But he insisted – INSISTED on getting in one last “You will need to use this in your real life one day – don’t say I didn’t warn you.”    Since I can’t remember his name, I guess I’ll have to post it here.  You were right Mr. College Professor at UW Parkside whose class I took forever ago.

I made my first art journal and for a first try it was okay.  Didn’t turn out perfect, but wasn’t THAT bad – but thanks to some ingenuity and a bunch of odds and ends that I have laying around (including white duct tape, I need to pick up more of that in other exciting colors!).  I came up with:

Art Journal

See, duct tape can be used to fix anything!

 Now I am a lot happier with it.  Though I think I needed a bulkier string for a closure, but still – not bad for my first shot at it.  I’m already working on another one – and if you’re interested learning more or taking the next class, hop on over to Art Journaling.  It’s being taught by a wonderful instructor (Leslie aka Comfortable Shoes Studio) and there are lots of other interesting and helpful folks (like the Artistic Biker – you’d have to see his videos to appreciate the greeting “hello peoples”).

Since you’re out surfing anyway – why not stop by and give it a look-see?



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