Third time’s a charm!

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Crafting, Knitting, Uncategorized
Pink Fuzzy

Third time's a charm

This pile is half the size it was yesterday.  This is what happens when I stop paying attention and taking the time to count my stitches once in a while.   This was a scarf, that was 75% done, until I saw how uneven the damn thing was.  So I undid it, down to nothing and started again.

Guess what?  Not 12 rows in and I dropped a stitch.  Then I noticed later I’d done it again.  So back into the pile it went again.

Now I am taking my time and pausing to count.  Not only is the scarf coming along fine, but I don’t have that “rushed” feeling.  I believe that items around you hold residual feelings.  That’s why when I make a card or paint or draw, or even make dinner; I try to keep my heart and mind in balance and feeling positive.

A bit like people who make prayer-shawls, without the prayer.  I just wish the receiver to feel peace, love, healing thoughts and bliss.

The world needs more of that I think.


You will always be surrounded by true friends – fortune cookie


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