A murder mystery – in my own damn kitchen!!

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

So the holidays played out with our various neighbors dropping over cookies.  I give out little gift boxes of cards and they respond with cookies. 

Fair enough – since my Christmas cookies consisted of Chocolate chip with and without nuts (I get the nuts – the SO doesn’t)

It amazes me when people say “Why do you put so much work in your cards? You know they just get thrown away, right?”  and now I have the perfect reply:

“What kind of Christmas cookies do YOU make?” 

But I digress – this is about the travesty that happened IN MY OWN KITCHEN!!

So the kids across the street brought over the cutest plastic plate of cookies – and I was in love with each one.  So I left them sit in their little ziplock bag,  away from the others.  They were cute – but the cutest of the cute were these guys:

The victims

Exhibit One

They were looking a bit stifled in the bag – so I pulled them out so they could get a better view of their surroundings.   Now, I will admit that I more or less forgot about them after the initial “cuteness” factor wore off (a whole 2 minutes) and I continued the washing and cleaning of things.

But I did glance at them from time to time and they seemed perfectly fine

cute eh?

Exhibit Two

I remember smiling – because they are SO DAMN CUTE!  They are about an inch tall!  Look at those smiles!  Those little arms outstretched.  Well this time it took about 30 seconds for me to forget about them and I will have to live with that for the rest of my life.  Because.. well the next pictures speak for themselves:

Well, well, well

Exhibit Three


Wait.. what!

Exhibit Four

Shortly after the last photo was taken, I found the SO sneaking back to clean up the evidence.  I told him it was a horrible way to go out.  He pointed out that before I started paying attention there were THREE!!

I am so oblivious at times… and I can’t count worth a damn either!

Here’s hoping everyone is enjoying their New Year!


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