A bit ago, my friend Shanna posted something about signs and their hidden meanings in her blog. And I am one to admit that I used to be a big – no, make that HUGE believer in signs and portent and all that, until one day I was watching some show about conspiracies/prophecies on television and a gentleman said something to the effect of:  If you’re looking for it, you’ll find it.

After that, I’ve toned down the whole “everything is a sign” some, but I am one to believe that the universe has a wonderful sense of humor. Mind you, it may be tacky or inappropirate at times but humor nonetheless.

Therefore, I submit to you this picture:


Those, dear readers, are vultures – Turkey Vultures to be exact.  And just what I needed to see on my way into work on a cool, rainy Monday morning.

Okay, to be fair there is a landfill across the street and I guess they were waiting for breakfast or somthing. 

No. I don’t want to think about that very much.  I did on my way to work and didn’t eat all day.

The thing is I think I could have pulled off turning around and going back to bed.  After all, vultures often portent impending doom or at least dying of thirst in the desrt.

But here it is, Wednesday, and I’m still kicking and sometimes screaming (or at least talking loudly) getting through another day.



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