Online art classes and art journals – oh my!

Posted: September 30, 2009 in Crafting, Mixed Media
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I am an impatient soul. I have a hard time ordering things on-line (since I want them, you know, like -now-) but can hold out from time to time. Especially since there are some nice things you can find on-line that you can’t here in SE Wisconsin.

But I’m talking about paint. I can’t seem to let paint dry without trying to just do this one little thing that ends up becoming a huge mess and in the end I have to let it sit in order for the various layers of paint to dry.

Over time, I’ve figured out that I need to have at least three things going so I can continue working on one when another needs to sit. That’s how I was able to make this:

Finaly Journal Page
Between letting the layers dry, I was able to work on the actual cover – all of this is part of  the Bohemian Bliss class I am taking.
I have been interested in doing more mixed media arts – I have already incorporated bits of mixed media in the cards I make, but I really wanted to learn how to do more.
That’s when I discovered all these wonderful ladies on You Tube.  From there I found websites that became Ning sites that started to offer classes.
One of the things that I really appreciate with on-line classes is that I can work at my own pace with my own stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken courses locally that had me bring along damn near everything in my studio and I usually forgot something (that they conveniently had for sale at some jacked up price).
Granted, one of the things I do miss is the hustle and bustle of other artists (of all levels) working on projects.  Watching the more skilled coach those that seem to struggle.  Learning new techniques and actually being there has its merits.  And I will continue to try a few here and there, but for now I think the majority of my classes will be on-line.

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