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So, I’m a slacker.  I’m sorry but work has been kicking my behind something fierce.  What’s sad is that by the time I get home and do all the domestic stuff (what I can) it’s damn near time for bed. 

But do I go to bed? oh no!  I try to multi-task fun stuff, like playing EQ2 or Pathfinder while drawing stylized faces and shading them with my lovely colored pencils. 


End up staying up way too late, morning comes way too soon ( and I mean WAY too soon).  Even now, I should be in bed, trying to still my thoughts but nope, I’m here figuring out rss feeds and the like.  Which, of course, makes me see that I haven’t posted a blog in like forever (or a couple months.. either way)

So I HAVE been doing stuff.  August 3rd was my birthday – and I was taken on my annual trip to the bookstore where I perused books and found a fine number of gems.

1. Looking for Salvation at the Dairy Queen – by Susan Gregg Gilmore – it was (at the Brookfield, WI Barne and Noble) an employee pick and I wasn’t disappointed.  The first half of the book set up the second half and I don’t want to give anything away but if you’re interested in a good book, pick this one up!

2. The Graveyard Book – by Neil Gaiman.  Okay, I’ll say this now. I’m a HUGE Neil Gaiman fan. HUGE.  Ever since I was in some gaming store in West Allis and discovered the Sandman Series (that take up a place of honor in my bookcase) I have been in love with this man.  His writing and ability to take me away to other worlds is amazing.  Don’t even ask me about Destiny and Delirium – I won’t shut up for hours :0)

3. Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen.  I picked this one up because of Suzi Blu.  I am taking her Goddess and Poets class (sorry it’s almost done, she’ll have another I swear and she is amazing – just like other amazing artists I know who have Ning sites, and I’ll write more about them later.  Anyway, it was a book club thing I guess and it sounded interesting.  I haven’t started it yet but I’ll report on it when I do.

4. Little Bee – by Chris Cleave.  This one was recommended by the same B&N employee who recommended the first choice.  For some odd reason I trusted the little reviews she wrote and picked it up as well (she picked out #1 as well).

I will give you my thoughts on the unread ones as soon as I catch up.  I simply DEVOURED the first two and now am (like someone who eats too fast) trying to savor the last two.  Either that or I am suffering from indigestion and need to lay down for a bit.  Just kidding.

But this brings me to another thought – I have at least a half dozen books in my various bookcases that are mostly finished.  And by mostly I mean a chapter or three to the end.  I refuse, REFUSE, to continue reading them.  Why? Because I know what’s going to happen at the end.  I know bad things are coming down the pike and these are not books that necessarily horror stories, they are well written books that have characters who aren’t going to get a “happy ever after”. 

That is not to say that EVERY book needs one, it’s just that these particular three – are going down with a large crash and a big fireball (okay, no I am NOT certain of this but my magic 8 ball senses are telling me all signs look good for a sad ending of epic proportions.) Nevertheless – each book is currently poised at the brightest spot the characters will see (especially the Book of Ruth.  I went to confirmation classes, I know what happens, it’s not pretty) waiting for me to come back to them.

I did that with a Stephen King book too – the dark tower series.  Roland was telling a story – I’m no fool – once the story is done they are all going to go inside the evil buildings and bad things are going to happen but right now… right now they are sitting around a fire listening to a painful story – supporting their friend.

Deep End of the Ocean is a book I couldn’t get past the first few chapters!  I got to the major part of the story and put it down – friends, co-workers, hell – even people who hear that I can’t/won’t read this book give me their copies and swear if I just read it, I’ll love it.

Maybe one day, like when I forget what its about, I’ll pick it up and read it.

Until then – make sure to make time for fun!



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