Part 2

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Uncategorized

So I am in love with the Slice.  I also am horrid at totally reading and following instructions.  I kind of read them a few times – skim really – and dig in. Problem is, in my skimming I miss a few bits.


So after a few false starts I was ready to start cutting stuff.

Oh no I wasn’t

The Slice has this handy dandy adhesive you spread out on your glass cutting board.  You are supposed to let it dry so it’s not too sticky.    So, in a nutshell – I was to wait.  I can barely wait for a light to turn green. What makes you think I can wait for this adhesive to dry (up to three minutes if your area is humid).

First attempt was fine, except the paper had to be ripped, scrapped and washed off. Okay – I reread the instructions and tried again – and it worked.  Calibrating it was a bit odd, but all in all – not bad once I got the adhesive bit down.  I could set the slice anywhere (nearly) on the page and cut certain areas or not – depending on what I was doing.

All and all I’m pretty happy with the purchase.  I’ll toss some links and pictures once I get this whole blog thing figured out. 

Until then  XOXO


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